Uganda’s culture

Uganda’s culture composes various behavior and lifestyle and they vary from regions. very hospitable in terms of welcoming and getting new friends. The diversity culture creates a unique heritage in Africa.

languages in Uganda

Uganda’s culture is composed of a number of tribes and each tribe speak a different language, the spoken languages are 40. Luganda is commonly spoken by the entire country accompanied by English and Swahili.


In the African culture, a drum is commonly used for communication and entertainment and the sounds differ depending on the type of communication put across. it can be death announcement, communal work, and meeting to discuss particular issues. A drum is made out of animal hides and skin like cows, sheep, and goats.

cultural ceremonies in Uganda

Culture everywhere is described by dance and drama as the most components of cultural ceremonies along with songs and this is exactly what you can expect to witness on your cultural safari or community visit. There are other ceremonies and passage rites like birth rates, marriage, and initiation which are held with high regard in the different cultures and may be different in all ways.

Uganda’s cultural and heritage sites

Kasubi Royal tombs, Karambi Royal tombs, Mparo Royal tombs, Nkokonjeru tombs, Wamala tombs

The Sezibwe falls, Namugongo shrine, and others tangible and intangible forms of culture.


Uganda’s culture