Bwindi’s best hiking trial.

Bwindi’s best hiking trial.

Give you the direction of the mountain Gorilla family,

The slow and amazing journey on foot,

Hiking through mountainous area of Bwindi forest.

The forest is the oldest biodiversity with;

400 tree species,27 species of frog,120 mammals and 202 species of butterflies.

The forest hiking trials lead to various attractions like rivers,water falls,swamps and wild concentration.

The best rewarding activity of Bwindi impenetrable forest national park,

The rare giants of the forest.

Making Uganda be among the best touristic destination,

Creating the unforgettable life time experience.

Encounter the critically endangered gorilla

in one of their last remaining natural habitat.

Explore the volcanoes of the area,

The Bakiga and Batwa communities of the southwestern region.

Bwindi’s best hiking trial.