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Did you know the real Lion King?

lion king

This lion was crowned the king of mimicry after it was captured in the exact same pose as Mufasa on top of Pride Rock.  

Photographer David Yarrow re-created the iconic scene by combining two images. He took the first from above the real Pride Rock in Borana, Kenya, before travelling 2,500 miles to South Africa where he shot the second at conservationist Kevin Richardson’s famous sanctuary.

Lion stays up above on Rock

David came up the idea with the help of Kevin, also known as the ‘Lion Whisperer’, and his team, who plan to raise more than £500,000 to help support African lions with the impressive shot.

The picture comes in the same year the Lion King was re-released by Disney, with David hopeful it will help raise awareness of the lion’s plight in Africa. 

David said: ‘this is one of the most important and challenging projects of my career – it is creative and I hope we can break a few fundraising records. It really went far better than any of us hoped.’ 

Adopted from the daily Mail

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