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The Kazinga channel boat cruise- Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Kazinga Channel Boat Cruise; Kazinga channel section of Queen Elizabeth national park is a whole new experience to all the visitors that come to African.  Kazinga channel is indeed a water channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward together. It is a 40km long stream of water located beneath the famous Mweya peninsular just near Mweya safari lodge.

This is the main home to so many Hippos in Uganda and different kinds of Birds. The boat sets off daily at 11:00 am, 2:00 pm and 04:00 pm in the late evening. The boat cruise takes 2-3 hours while exploring the waters and wildlife along the shores of the Kazinga Channel.

There are professional safari guides on the boat cruises who will be there to guide you by giving all the necessary information and will answer the questions that arise about the wildlife. These guides will also point out any wildlife species which you may have failed to identify.

The boat cruise is a spectacular experience along the channel as you explore more about African wildlife like birds, animals, reptiles among the rest offering the best highlights of a safari to the Queen Elizabeth National Park. It offers big chances to take memorable pictures since the boat cruise moves slowly by the shores of the Kazinga channel.

According to the recent research, Kazinga channel supports the largest population of hippos in the whole world.  You have a chance to learn about the behaviour of the hippos, unlike any other animals in the park, the hippos stay in the water all day long. The hippos move far distances in the night eating grass, and the trek their journey back in the water during the morning before the sun comes out. It is said that the hippos behave in this way because, they have a lot of fat beneath their skin and the sun chocks directly to their skin because they have no far on their bodies.

The channel is not only the best place for bird enthusiasts, Kazinga channel is naturally attractive to a number of bird species; about 612, from all over the world. It is among the protected areas for birding in Uganda; it is categorized and defined as an important birding area (IBA) by the birding international. During the boat cruise you will get a chance to view a lot of birds like African fish eagle, African spoonbills, great comorants, African skimmers, the pelicans, king fishers, the majestic African fish eagle, the goliath heron, and the hard to find shoe bill stork (it’s an endangered bird species) among others, but also for those passionate travellers who love watching wild animals’ drinking water at the shores of the channel.

 Kazinga channel boat cruise- Queen Elizabeth National Park