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Night Game Drives at Lake Mburo National Park.

Lake Mburo National Park is one of the few parks where you can go on a night game drive! At night there is a whole variety of animals that you would not see in the day including bush pigs, genet cat and white tailed mongoose to mention but a few. Night drives also give you the best chance of finding leopards, spotted hyena and there is one male lion in the park who resides down by Lake Mburo itself. It is an interesting experience out at night with a spotlight, an unusual twist on your regular game drives. An alternative view of the park, hopefully including sightings of animals rarely seen during the day, is provided by guided night drives.

This night drive is programed to start at around 6:30 up to around 7:00. The last two and three hours of the drive are lead and managed by profession ranger guides and in the course of this there high chances of seeing nocturnal animals.

Night game drives- lake Mburo National Park