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Nature Walks in Mabira Forest.

Mabira forest has well established trail networks in 3 different areas of the forest where you can do a nature walk and discover the amazing nature in this beautiful jungle. Experience tranquility as you walk under the canopies in what can be termed as forest bathing. Do you know forest bathing is said to drastically enhance immunity? What better activity to do during this covid era than take a walk in Mabira Forest.

On your walk you will see an array of wildlife including different types of monkeys, beautiful butterflies, squirrels, and birds. Observe different types of trees and shrubs and learn about some special ones like those possessing medicinal properties such as Warbhugia Ugandenesis that has anti-viral properties.

Mabira is a water catchment contributing to streams and rivers that flow into Lake Victoria, and the nature walk is a great opportunity to learn how this phenomenon comes about.

Where to do the nature walk in Mabira forest

The main and most accessible area for a nature walk in Mabira forest is the Mabira Eco Tourism Center at Najjembe. This is great option if you just want a nature walk in Mabira as the only activity because you will see a lot. It is perfect for those on a day trip to Jinja and will be stopping over in Mabira forest for a nature walk. The area offers great sighting of the Mangabeys during certain seasons. There are also lots of Red-tailed Monkeys.

The Rainforest Lodge near Najjembe is equally accessible. The lodge has a good trail network where day and overnight visitors to the lodge can explore the trails and discover what Mabira possesses.

Griffin Falls Camp is another area where you can do a beautiful nature walk in Mabira forest. Unlike the other two areas above this one is not so accessible, located in a different area. The nature walk at Griffin Falls is often done in combination with the Zip Line adventure which is offered by Griffin Falls Camp. Therefore if you plan to do a nature walk in Mabira and the Zipi Line, best to do the nature walk at Griffin Falls as well during your Uganda safaris.