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256-772404621 reservations@twendeexpeditions.com

Yes, Uganda is fully open for tourism along with Entebbe International Airport. Therefore, guests are able to travel to their destinations seamlessly.

Presently we are receiving guests with more already on safari enjoying the beautiful landscapes and amazing wildlife encounters in the country.

What are the requirements for arriving tourists to Uganda?

Arriving tourists should hold a negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate issued within 72hrs from the time of sample collection to boarding the Aircraft leaving the country of origin.

What should guests do prior to travelling to Rwanda?

Guests traveling to Rwanda are mandated to complete a Public Health Passenger Form before arriving in the country, here is the link: https://travel.rbc.gov.rw/travel/

Any other requirements for arriving tourists in Uganda?

  • All travelers to Uganda are now mandated to apply for visas online and get approval before arrival in the country. Print out the visa approval and come with it as you will have to present it to the immigration. Here is the link;  https://visas.immigration.go.ug/
  • Before departure from the country of origin to Entebbe International Airport (EIA), passengers are advised to book for a PCR test online through the link: https://arrivals.healthdesk.go.ug/home/. Print a copy and arrive with it.
  • On arrival the samples will be collected from the parade grounds and tourists will be guided to the tourist reception lounge for verification before they are handed over to the tour guide/driver.

How will the transiting tourists be handled?

  • Samples for transiting tourists will be collected and treated with urgency.
  • Transiting tourists will wait for their results from the tourist/passenger transfer lounge.

How long will the results take to come out?

  • PCR test results for transiting tourists will take approximately one hour and twenty minutes from the time of sample collection.
  • The inbound tourists will wait for their PCR test results from their respective hotels and this will take approximately two hours and 30 minutes or less.

What are the hotels to be used by tourists waiting for results?

  • Tourists can book at any hotel within Entebbe town where they can wait for their test results.

What are the Covid-19 PCR test requirements in relation to children?

  • Children below six (6) years will be exempted from the requirements of PCR test certificate if they are accompanied by parents holding negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate.

What is the cost of a PCR test undertaken on arrival?

  • A PCR test will cost $30 or Ugx 110,000 and should be paid online before arriving at the airport.
  • Other payment options are online payment, Mobile Money and Cash on arrival.

What should tourists expect at the Tourism Reception Lounge?

  • Passengers who will not have paid for their PCR test online will have the opportunity to pay from the lounge where there will be personnel from post bank to receive the payment.
  • Results will be sent to the passengers via email or WhatsApp.
  • Only tourists with negative PCR test results will be allowed to exit the hotel to their next destination.

How will passengers who test positive on arrival be handled?

  • Arriving tourists who are asymptomatic or with mild disease will be managed in the designated tourist hotels. The tourists who may show progressive severe disease will be transferred to a hospital authorized to treat covid patients of their choice at their cost.

What are the requirements for departing tourists?

  • Tourists departing Uganda through Entebbe International Airport must have an authentic negative Covid-19 PCR test certificate issued within 72hrs from the time of sample collection to boarding the aircraft. Incase the destination country’s PCR test requirements defer, they take priority.
  • All covid-19 PCR test certificates for departing passengers must indicate travel as the intended purpose of the test.

 What are the rules of wearing masks in Uganda?

All arriving guests are required to have their masks on at all times, this should be the same while in public place, unless guests are in their rooms.

Can we still enjoy night safari game drives with the curfew?

Yes, licensed tourist vehicles are exempted from curfew hence therefore guests can enjoy their night game drive without inconveniences.

 Are Hotels and lodges’ restaurants open? Can guests still enjoy accommodation


Yes, all accommodations and restaurants remain open for travelling guests with proper standard operating procedures in place.

 Is it still possible to do Gorillas/Chimpanzees trekking? Do we have to wear masks when with primates?

Yes, guests are able to enjoy both gorillas and chimpanzee trekking. During the briefing of guests, they are required to have their masks on as well as when they are near the primates. However, masks can be relaxed during the hike.


What are the conditions of transport in Uganda with the recent lock down rules: does it take more time to cross each district? Does it take longer to drive the same itinerary, stop at each district in order for the authorities to check the cars?

No, registered tourists’ vehicles will be allowed to move across districts though, there could be some limited stops at a few districts for quick verifications but this shouldn’t take long and the vehicle will be allowed to proceed to its designated destination.

What Initiatives are we taking during this pandemic?

Since December last year we have been testing our guides for Covid 19, the tests are carried out within 48 hours to the start of the tour. With the ongoing country wide vaccination, a good number of our guides have so far been vaccinated.

Furthermore, all our vehicles are thoroughly disinfected and fitted with hand sanitizers to be used by guests. Our guides ensure that there is limited enroute stops while on Journeys to reduce contact with the community in respect of physical distancing rules.

Also, we are liaising with our partner properties to ensure that Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are adhered to in order to keep all our guests safe during this period, as way to guarantee this, our sales team had to make routine inspection visits to these properties in March and May this year.