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gorilla trekking

I say yes, gorilla trekking is worth the money. Many travelers who take part and time to do this activity, can bear witness. the many reviews from various travelers who have done the gorilla trek indicates that gorilla trekking is worth it. Gorilla trekking has unforgettable, magical and life-changing experience worth the penny. Despite the high costs, strenuous trek and time spent on gorilla watching tours in any of the countries which have the mountain gorillas such as; Rwanda, Uganda & Congo, gorilla safaris remain the best wildlife experience worth doing. Over time, most people who have not been to the jungles of Uganda, Rwanda and Congo ask themselves “is gorilla trekking worth the money”? we are therefore here to clarify to you that Yes, we assure you that gorilla trekking experience is worth the money. It always appropriate to take part in the activity before you can finally draw a final a conclusion, gorilla trekking in Uganda gives you an opportunity to have a close encounter with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat.

This is one of the exceptional experiences, which no traveler to Africa should miss. The magical feeling that one gets on seeing the human-like characters of gorillas in their families and their social interactions make these gentle giants worth visiting. The silverback has a role of taking care of the family and the female gorillas feeding their young ones and picking lies from each other is so exciting to look at.

The gentle giants live in the jungles of Bwindi national park and Mgahinga national park in Uganda, Volcanoes in Rwanda and Virunga national park in DR. Congo. Gorilla watching has become one of the most thought off activity with Bwindi being the dominant tourist destination in Uganda. This experience which has impressed many people to do it over and over again despite the high cost, energy and time required to encounter the gorillas. But never the less, gorilla trekking has become one of the highly valued activity in Bwindi national park.

Gorilla habituation experience

Besides gorilla trekking, one can also opt for gorilla habituation experience this allows you 4 hours with the gorillas in their natural habitat. During the habituation, researchers, travellers, scientists and the rangers all visit the gorillas and you are free to ask all questions and get the answers and also you may participate in the study and the naming of the new gorilla families.  This is so exciting as you get to learn all the behaviours and the ways of life of the living gorillas in the jungle.