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Our Past Traveller Reviews

  • Eunice and Kenneth are great! The logistics were perfect and I really enjoyed traveling with Kenneth to Mgahinga. He’s from the area and so knowledgable. The hour we got to spend with the mountain gorillas was incredible and a personal highlight for life. If you’re looking for a personalized experience with great people, Twende is the company for you!

    Evan G
    Group Traveler
  • The Gorilla trekking was life changing! Breathtaking views, incredible time with the gorillas and just an all around amazing experience. Same situation with the Chimpanzee trekking….just the most beautiful day with the chimps. I can’t say enough about Eunice and her team….I felt cared for, catered to, safe and spoiled rotten! You won’t regret choosing Twende to show you around!

    Solo Traveler
  • This was a very interesting trip with my parents and I to queen Elizabeth National park, Jinja and Kampala city tour for five days, which was very well organized by Eunice, Rose and the Entire Twende Team. Our driver guide Joseph was a professional.
    Thanks Eunice and your Team for the job well done. I would highly recommend Twende Expeditions to any Traveller who wants to have a feel of Uganda.”

    Solo Traveler
  • What am amazing time we had on our trip. Thank you to Eunice and Rose at Twende Expeditions for helping us plan. They took care of all of our arrangements, travel to (via a hired driver) and back to Entebbe (via small plane), food, lodging and tickets to do the trek. We did not have to worry about any detail. Our drive Joseph was so informative about the history, people, language and culture of Uganda on our long drive.

    Abby E
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Our New Service allows you Tailor Make your own special experience that best suits your needs. P.S. We include a couple of Free Bonuses to every safari we do.

All You Need to Know About East Africa

African Elephant facts

African elephantAfrican elephants are the most intelligent  with a great long-lasting memory. Their high memory allows them to harbor grudges and recognizes long lost friends upon their return. They engage in a greeting ritual as a joyous way of welcoming another elephant. The ritual greetings involves elephants spinning in a circle while flapping their ears...
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White rhinoceros-Uganda

White rhinoceros-UgandaThese white rhinoceros-Uganda are the second largest land mammals after African elephants in the world. An adult male rhino weighs between 1,800 to 2,500 kg while the Adult female weighs between 1,800 to 2,000 kg. The calf weighs between 40 to 60 kg at birth. White rhinoceros or square-lipped rhinos have a large head;...
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Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild Giraffes

Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild GiraffesVulnerable Uganda Rothschild Giraffes also are known as the  Baringo giraffes, or Ugandan giraffes inhabit the savanna, grassland, and open woodland.The Rothschild giraffes are the tallest and most vulnerable species of giraffes in the world. They stand at 6 meters in height with an adult weight of up to 2800 pounds. The Rothschild...
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Did you know the Extraordinary Beauty in Uganda?

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