Forest walking experience in Uganda

Forest walking experience in UgandaUganda is gifted with a variety of forests from to east to the west then north to south
These forest include; Mabira, Budongo, Kibale, Bwindi, and Mpanga forest reserve
These are the best places for nature lovers “Uganda gifted by Nature”
Walk with me to the forests of Uganda
Blessed with abundant species of birds, attractive butterflies, trees and other animals of all kind


Oh! Nature Uganda
The sound of water fall in the forest
Roaring from north to the south of the forest
Forest blessed with primates
Some being human relatives
The chimpanzee sharing approximately 99.8% of our DNA


The beauty of the forest
As sounds of whispering trees and burbling streams
Favouring the ecosystem
Walk in the forest trails where sunlight set forest’s leaves aglow
As waking trees renew their canopy over all below
Share with me the forest’s spirit at rebirth
Human beings are reborn too, within this temple of the earth


Let’s answer the forest call always
To see the beauty and boost the forest walk experience
Listen with your heart as we walk among trees
Walk under lovely trees just for a while
And make your trip memorable in Uganda’s forests


Great thanks to the people of Uganda
For environmental conservation
In favor of ecosystem
Walk with me to the forest of Uganda
To have the forest walk experience