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Community Cultural Encounters- Kidepo Valley National Park.

Community Cultural Encounters in Kidepo valley national park:  The park is located amidst the rich cultural areas of the Northeastern part of Uganda dominated majorly Karamajong. Karamajong culture is one of the most unique and preserved cultures in Uganda that you ought not to miss while in Kidepo for Wildlife safaris. The cultural experiences and traditional lifestyle of the Karamajong people around Kidepo Valley National park are similar to the Masai people of Kenya and those of Tanzania all linked by their nomadic pastoral practices.

Of course, visitors to Kidepo Valley National park have been so supportive to the local communities around the park by participating in local community tours. Cultural encounters to villages around Kidepo national park will make you feel the true African people and style, see how the Karamajong sleep in grass-thatched houses and how extended families live with each member possessing a house and a family.

The presence of Kidepo Valley national park has supported these people in one way or the other. When you take a cultural tour to the park, you will be able to at least contribute financially directly or indirectly through buying souvenirs, tips, and the little fee charged for the community cultural encounters.

There are a lot of activities you learn and get to know about these tribes of people once you take a cultural tour to these communities. You will be able to learn how bride prince is determined in their culture, child naming ceremonies, and of course, you will be received by the traditional dances and songs from the indigenous local people as you pay some money to support these local communities in their livehood.