256-772404621 reservations@twendeexpeditions.com
256-772404621 reservations@twendeexpeditions.com

About Us

Twende Expeditions

Twende Expeditions is a travel agency and a tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda. We were incorporated in 2013 and we trade as a private company. We offer luxury, mid class and budget trips based on our client preferences. We love East Africa and we believe there’s much more to be discovered in this Precious Land.

Gorilla & Wildlife Safaris100%
Historical & Cultural Safaris90%

Our Vision

To explore the undiscovered product in the tourism industry for Eastern Africa and Africa as a whole.

Our Mission

To promote a friendly environment to both clients and the local community thus ensuring the highest quality of customer service.

Our Objectives

  • To promote tourism and its development in a sustainable and professional manner.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction and render the best service.
  • To create and build the best product for the tourism industry in an ecological way.

Why Choose Twende?

Here at Twende, We don’t look at a traveler as a person who just needs the service. We look at them as a whole being who is looking for the true experience of being a local.
We have tailored our service as a holistic travel experience you share with loved ones. We want you to become East african even if it’s just for a day and you live to tell the story for generations to come.

Twende Safari Hat

We know the weather especially the sun can get to the maximum at times. We will give you a free Safari hat to protect you through out the trip.


Every one who travels always goes home with a story to tell. We believe you tell a better story with souvenir, you brought back to remind you of the trip and the experience. That’s why we will give you one on the house.