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Chameleon Hill Lodge

What a better way to relax by the Lake with our good friends than a weekend visit to Chameleon hill lodge Bwindi. On November 11th we headed westwards to Lake Mutanda to do some community work.

We set off from Kampala on Friday morning and drove the whole day to Chameleon Hill Lodge on Lake Mutanda.

We stopped briefly for lunch in Mbarara and to take in the scenic view of the always breathtaking Lake Bunyonyi, before arriving at 7 pm.

chameleon hill Lodge

 Lake Mutanda island

After a good night sleep and a delicious breakfast at Chameleon Hill Lodge, we headed downhill for a boat ride to Mutanda island. Chameleon Hill Lodge were the organizers of the community outreach. We carried with us items for the community like clothes and foodstuffs.

The island community relies on the mainland for survival. Transport to and fro the island is a challenge as there a few canoes traversing in-between.

There are no health facilities, shops, and schools except for a community Church which also serves as a nursery school. Friendly children waving from Mutanda church and nursery.

There are at least 15 islands and Mutanda Island is the biggest of them all. It is inhabited by the Abagesera clan with a population of about 250 people. Other prominent islands include the python island which has a huge number of pythons and the punishment islands.

The punishment caves

There are two islands called“The punishment islands”, these were used to imprison torture and kill criminals, society misfits, girls who got pregnant before marriage, the Disabled and elderly.

The victims would be tied and left to starve to their death, while others were killed from the mainland and dumped in the caves on the island. A visit to the islands will be incomplete if you do not explore the punishment caves for yourself.

punishment islands skeletons

This practice went on up to the onset of the 20th Century and if you visited these islands you would see skeletons right from the Lakeshores all the way up to the caves even before listening to the stories from the guides.

Why choose Chameleon Hill Lodge

Lake Mutanda Chameleon lodge in southwestern Uganda is located between Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks and set up on a narrow hilltop in the highlands of Kisoro. It is 9- 10hours drive from Kampala to the Lodge.

The Lodge has a homely ambiance and great views of Lake Mutanda and the Virunga Mountains. Its relaxing spots offers clients comfort after a long drive from Kampala as well as a great relief from a strenuous gorilla trekking experience.

While in Chameleon Hill Lodge you do not have to worry because security by armed Uganda Tourism Police force that patrols the whole facility is guaranteed.

Their Lounge has a library and wonderful views of the Virunga Mountains and so offers an ideal place to rest and read as you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Mutanda.

The staff are wonderful and always there to make sure your stay is comfortable.

Therefore if you are planning for a Gorilla trekking safari with luxurious accommodation and great views, we at Twende can make your dream come true.

You can choose the number of days you would love to stay depending on the number of activities you would love to do or take a weekend visit to Chameleon hill lodge Bwindi.

Written by Eunice.