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Twende Expeditions is a travel agency and a tour operator based in Kampala, Uganda. We were incorporated in 2013 and we trade as a private company. We offer luxury, mid class and budget trips based on our client preferences. We love East Africa and we believe there’s much more to be discovered in this Precious Land.

All you need to Know About East Africa

East Africa or Eastern Africa is the eastern region of the African continent, variably defined by geography. In the United Nations Statistics Division scheme of geographic regions, 20 territories make up Eastern Africa: Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan are members of the East African Community

African Elephant facts

African elephant African elephants are the most intelligent  with a great long-lasting memory. Their high memory allows them to harbor grudges and recognizes long lost

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White rhinoceros-Uganda

White rhinoceros-Uganda These white rhinoceros-Uganda are the second largest land mammals after African elephants in the world. An adult male rhino weighs between 1,800 to

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Ugandas Gregarious cheetahs

Ugandas Gregarious cheetahs The scientific name for the Uganda’s Gregarious cheetahs is Acinonyx jubatus. Cheetahs have a slender body, deep chest, spotted tan body with

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Ugandan defassa waterbuck

Ugandan defassa waterbuck The Ugandan defassa waterbuck is the largest antelope species living in sub-Sahara Africa. Its scientific name is Kobus ellipsiprymnus. In Uganda, the

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