White rhinoceros-Uganda.

These white rhinoceros-Uganda are the second largest land mammals after African elephants in the world. An adult male rhino weighs between 1,800 to 2,500 kg while the Adult female weighs between 1,800 to 2,000 kg. The calf weighs between 40 to 60 kg at birth. White rhinoceros or square-lipped rhinos have a large head; with 2 horns, large front horn and then a small inner horn. They also have a wide square upper lip and a mass hairless grey skin. They have a hump on the back of the neck. White rhinoceros-Uganda live in grassy savanna. In Uganda, these wild white rhinos can only be seen at Ziwa Rhino sanctuary along the way to Murchison falls national park.

White rhinoceros-Uganda

White rhinoceros-Uganda are herbivores that feed on short grass and short grains. They are so active during the morning hours and in the late evening. They also wallow in the mud to cool down during the heat of the day; and to also protect their bodies from insects.

Female white rhinoceros are social while males are solitary. Males are territorial led by a mature male and other resident satellite bulls who behave submissively. Dominant male marks their territory by excrement and urine. Males join the female during the mating season. The mating season takes place throughout the year; with a gestation period of 16 months giving birth to a single calf; within a period of 3 years between calves. The calf stays with the mother for 3 years. Females usually give birth for the first time between 6 to 7 years while males mature at 10-12 years. Their life span is 40 years.

White rhinoceros-Uganda were reintroduced after the species was extinct by poaching and civil wars. Therefore rhino reintroduction project is a project of Rhino fund Uganda and Uganda Wildlife Authority. At Ziwa Rhino sanctuary you will see rhinos in the wild. While tracking the rhinos on foot, expect to see hippos, reed bucks and Uganda kobs.