Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild Giraffes

Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild Giraffes

Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild Giraffes also known as the  Baringo giraffes or Ugandan giraffes inhabit the savanna, grassland and open woodland. The Rothschild giraffes are the tallest and most vulnerable species of giraffes in the world. The Rothschild giraffe stands at 6 meters in height and an adult weights up to 2800 pounds. The rothschild giraffes in Uganda live in the savanna areas of Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park and Lake Mburo national park.

Appearance of the Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild Giraffes

The vulnerable Uganda Rothschild giraffes are quite lighter compared other giraffes species like the Masai giraffes. The coats of the Rothschild giraffes has less jagged coat with orange-brown patches that are clear in shape. There are no pattern markings below the kneels, making them appear as if they are wearing white socking. These coat patterns on the giraffes are unique to each animal. The other unique feature on the Rothschild giraffes is that they have 5 ossicones on their heads; 2 in the same place as other giraffes at the top of their heads; 3rd is in the center of their forehead while the other 2 are hind each ear. They also have a vertical mane of a dark brown hair. The giraffes use their long tail to keep pests and flies away from their bodies.

Vulnerable Uganda Rothschild giraffes stay in separate groups. Males stay alone while females with their calves alone however they remain in close proximity. The males and females interact during mating season. During the mating season male giraffes usually engage in fights over the females. The gestation period for Rothschild giraffes is between 14 to 16 months giving birth to a single calf. After the calf is born the mother separates herself from the group for 10 months; thereafter she returns with the new member in the group.

Rothschild giraffes have an amazing eye sight allowing them to see predators from a far distance. In addition their sense of smell and hearing is good. Giraffes run up to a speed of 56km/hr in a short burst and 10km/hr in long stretches.

What they feed on

Rothschild giraffes are herbivores spending several hours of the day feeding on leaves, buds and branches from the acacia trees. Males eat up to 80kg of leaves a day. However the most interesting fact about these giraffes is that they take months without drinking water; since they get water from eating leaves and the bark of acacia trees.

The vulnerable Uganda Rothschild giraffes are the gracious and tallest land mammals to see swaying their gaits. Book a  wildlife safari to Murchison falls national park, Kidepo valley national park as well as Lake Mburo national park. During a game during in any of the mentioned national parks; you will take a glance at the beautiful rothschild giraffes that we all ought to protect.