Ug. kobs
Uganda Kobs

UWA relocates 150 kobs to Kidepo Valley. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has started the relocation of about 150 Uganda kobs from Murchison Falls to kidepo valley. Uganda kob is a type of antelope ( Kobus kob thomasi) in Uganda, its reddish brown in color. The kob population according to the latest census is about 55,000 in Murchison falls national park. Kidepo valley currently had only 4 kobs left in the Boma area. So the relocation is to diversifying the wildlife species in kidepo as well as to expand their home range.

UWA Executive Director Dr. Andrew Seguya said that this exercise is intended to establish a new population of kobs in kidepo valley. So the exercise is conducted by UWA with support of staff from other conservation areas and Makerere University college of veterinary medicine, animal resource and biosecurity. Finally, this relocation exercise is expected to take 2 weeks.

In addition you will see Uganda kobs in Queen Elizabeth national park during a wildlife safari in Uganda.

UWA relocates 150 kobs to Kidepo Valley.