Kibale National Park UgandaKibale National Park Uganda Chimpanzee-in-kibale-forest

Kibale National Park Uganda is one of Uganda’s most beautiful tropical rain forest in Kabarole district in western Uganda. The forest covers 795 square kilometers. The forest is a habitat to a number of wildlife species among which includes 13 different primate species such as famous chimpanzees and endemic Uganda Mangabay.

Climate and Temperatures in Kibale National Park Uganda

The Kibale national park has a conducive climate and an average temperature between 14°C -27°C. The forest has 2 wet seasons starting March to May and then September to November.

Primates in Kibale National Park Uganda forests

The park has the highest variety of primates in Africa. There are 13 different primate species staying in Kibale forest with the most popular being the chimpanzees. In addition you will see red colobus, L’Hoest’s monkeys, Uganda Managabay, olive baboons, bush babies, pottos and blue monkeys.

Bird species

The park boasts of 372 bird species 60% recorded forest birds. Some of the commonly spotted birds include; African Grey Parrots, Abyssinian Ground-thrush, Black-capped Apalis, Green-breasted Pitta, Brown-chested Alethe and also Blue-headed Sunbird.

Activities in the Kibale National Park Uganda

Chimpanzee tracking ; This adventure starts at Kanyanchu visitor center, where  the park rangers brief the visitors about chimpanzees . Then the visitors join the rangers in search of the chimpanzees. After finding the chimpanzees, spend about an hour observing and also taking pictures of chimpanzees.

Chimpanzee Habituation experience(CHEX); Accompany rangers as they follow chimpanzees during their daily activities like feeding, copulation, hunting, and breast feeding. The process helps chimpanzees to get familiar with human presence and its an interesting experience. Start very early in the morning before the chimpanzees de-nest  and ends at 7pm when the chimpanzees have made their new nests.

Day hikes, nature walks and bird watching;

The nature walk starts at Kanyanchu visitors center and takes about 2 – 3 hours. Also look out for the naked Adam and Eve tree.

The Bigodi wetland sanctuary found outside the park’s boundary in Magombe swamp. Also visit the wetland to see diversity of wildlife including; over 138 bird species, different primates such as chimpanzees, red colobus monkeys plus mongoose.

Cultural heritage and Nature trail in Kibale National Park Uganda;

Take a cultural heritage and natural trail through the rain forest and meet local people. Experience some of the important traditions and norms of the Batoro and Bakiga during the walk.

Childrens activities;

Children above 12 years are allowed to go into the Forest to view the Chimps. Other Childrens activities include educational forest walks, pond Dipping,canotype photography and batik making.